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  • Stepping out of the box for your charity event

    Stepping out of the box for your charity event

    Organizing a charity event is rewarding and challenging at the same time and if it was an easy task everyone would do it. There are a plethora of ways to raise money for an event and one very successful way to fill up the collection plate is by holding an […]

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  • Fight the diseases!

    Fight the diseases!

    At the start of the new year, everyone is on the hunt for evidence that the AIDS problem is becoming less of one around the world. While that has often been true in many Western countries, people have become used to Africa being a sore spot for HIV infection rates […]

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  • Economic Justice

    Economic Justice

    During a drought, there are few things more natural than praying, hoping, or even dancing for rain. That’s exactly what the citizens of Malawi did just a few months ago, when a distinct lack of rain threatened to send the country into economic turmoil. Recently, though, things have headed in […]

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  • Emergencies


    One of the worst outcomes after a natural disaster is that many people affected are simply not able to rebuild their homes or return to their lives. In Westernized countries, it’s very easy to forget that these events can have sever impacts that go well beyond a drop in gross […]

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  • Peace & Reconciliation

    Peace & Reconciliation

    Hope in India: Peace and Reconciliation Possible with Pakistan For far too long, India and Pakistan have been nearly at war about the disputed border between the countries surrounding the Kashmir region. Located in the Himalayan mountains, both countries have laid claim to this area for the past several decades, […]

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  • Women & Migration

    Women & Migration

    Saudi Arabia has long been perceived by the West as a place where oil, civil conflict and general unrest trumps virtually every other activity. That perception may change, however, with the news that the country recently elected its first women members to the Saudi Council. This is an unprecedented step […]

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  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    There are few issues as central to human survival as that of climate change which, in many minds, has the capacity to seriously threaten the survival and very existence of the human race. With stakes that high, it’s easy to see why charities and scientists are uniting around a social […]

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